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Sunday Worship Sunday @ 10:30 AM
FORGE YOUTH Sunday @ 6:00 PM
Sunday Worship Sunday @ 10:30 AM
FORGE YOUTH Sunday @ 6:00 PM

Background Check Form
All people who want to volunteer in ministries involving minors must have a background check and pass according to church standards. Please use this form to request a background check.



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Eastern Heights Christian Church
Authorization for Background Check


I authorize EHCC to solicit background information relative to my criminal record history. I understand that EHCC may make inquiries into my background that may include motor vehicle records, personal references, criminal records, and any other public record reports pertaining to me.


I authorize, without any reservation, any person, agency, or other entity contacted by EHCC, or their agent, for purposes of obtaining background report information to furnish the above-mentioned information.


I release EHCC, their respective employees, or agents, and employees of their agents and all persons, agencies and entities providing information or reports about me from any and all liability arising out of furnishing any such information. 


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10-25-20 - Colossians 1:24-2:7
Sunday, October 25, 2020
Eastern Heights Christian 5100 Lake Road Ponca City, OK
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